Most companies have firewalls and routers installed at their location.  However, very few small companies monitor or do any kind of reporting off their firewall or router logs.

Can you answer these questions?

  • How much time is your staff spending online?
  • How much bandwidth do you use during an average day?
  • How many exploits were blocked at the firewall?
  • How many viruses were stopped?
  • How many conversation attempts from inside your network were stopped?
  • Is QOS and voice running on the network optimally?
  • What countries are attempting to connect to your network?

You should at least be able to answer the question about staff usage of your company resources.  Do you know that staff surfing inappropriate material can open your company to harassment complaints?  Have you ever had an employee request overtime only to surf the net all night?

At Perfect Computing, we can offer the appropriate solutions to keep your network secure and always available.