Free Diagnosis – Computer Repair Done Right

Computers today are getting smaller and more complicated.  Diagnosing problems requires the right tools and expertise.  Our certified computer technicians have many industry standard tools that assist us in diagnosing hardware, software, network, and configuration issues.  Best of all, our diagnosis is free.

Whether you’re suffering a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), a clicking hard drive, failed Computer Repair Boise Idahowindows updates, a printer that won’t print, or inability to connect to the internet, we’ve dealt with your problem before and we can resolve it quickly.

We always call you to approve any computer repair work, so you’re never stuck with a bill that wasn’t expected. All of our work is accomplished within our strict time frames, in most cases, you’ll have your Computer back in just a few days.  Computer Repair with no hassle!


Our computer repairs are warranted and affordable.

  • Service for all computer brands
  • OEM and A+ certified technicians
  • Most parts in stock
  • Fast, economical computer repairs
  • Helpful, friendly technicians
  • No appointment needed
  • Walk-ins welcome

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There’s no need to power off the system,  pack everything into a box, and take it to a big box chain store. Call Perfect Computing for the fastest computer repair service in Boise Idaho.  We offer competitive pricing, same-day service, and a satisfaction guarantee on every job we perform.