Most providers tout their backup solutions.  At Perfect Computing, we  tout our recoverability solutions.  After all, what good are your backups if you can’t restore them?

The statistics speak loudly!

  • 15,000 hard drives fail every day
  • 94% of companies that suffer a catastrophic data loss do NOT survive
    • 43% do not reopen their doors
    • 51% close within two years

Still using tape for your internal backup?  Again, statistics speak loudly!

  • backup-tape

    computer backup boise


  • 7% of businesses with tape backup have flaws that could impede recovery
  • 50% of tape backups flat out fail to restore (according to Gartner Research)


At Perfect Computing, we evaluate each situation and propose the proper solution.  It’s not only the backup that we take into account, but we also evaluate the time to recover (how long will you be down) and the acceptable amount of data loss (if any).

We have a team of Microsoft, StorageCraft, and Altaro certified individuals to tailor the appropriate solution for your business.